Mission Size 2

Eh... size 2 is probably not realistic, but you get the gist. I'm making this body the strongest and sexiest it's ever been!
p.s. there will definitely be stuff besides fitspo, so if you're looking for a blog that's 100% this isn't it


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I hope this sinks in your hearts.
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Tumblr Themes Just a reminder: If Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016, by the end of her first term in 2021, just three families (the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas) will have controlled the White House for 32 years.



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Why is the image of  a Black couple the greatest threat to the Marvel Universe? 
Why are all the prominent Black hero’s at Marvel (Storm, Falcon, American Patriot. Blade, Miles Morales the Ultimate Spiderman ) in a relationship with person of another race? Even the gay couples. 
Yet the marriage of  Storm and Panther was a mistake.
 What is it about Black sexuality that makes it easier to feature all white girls in a comic that features a Black teenage Spiderman as if no Black girls exist in New York?
Repost this until Marvel gets over its fear of Black people in love

I HAVE ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS!It’s almost as if relationships and love only matter if it contains at least ONE white person.It’s almost as if two black people in love is a threat to white people. It’s almost as if white couples are allowed, but black couples are an anathema.
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Video of St. Louis police shooting raises questions about officers’ story


In the United States, when a police officer shoots and kills someone, by instinct, by training, by matter of course, they immediately reshape reality to fit their course of action.

Whatever they have to do or say to make the unjustifiable justified, they will do.

They will lie, hide or destroy evidence, contradict the testimony of eyewitnesses, plant drugs or weapons, claim a wallet or a bottle of soda was a gun, claim the victims shot themselves (even with hands cuffed behind their backs), say they were being charged, say the victims tried to take their guns—whatever it takes to make the senseless make sense.

And because of their positions and uniforms, the public and the system are wont to believe the lies.

Sometimes, even when there’s video that contradict the police account of events, the public and the system are wont to evaluate it in a way that gives police the benefit of the doubt—especially if the victim is black and disabled.

Like so.

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While I understand and share the plight of those who choose to protest, while I see the purpose in peaceful protest, in rambunctious and less-than-peaceful protest, in looting, in action of any sort, (if only to symbolize that the time for inaction is over) we must be calculated in our personal response.

I, for one, will not stand in a pose of submission and beg to exist (so long as I continue to submit). I understand, it’s easy and many people can do it. Like dawning a hoodie and snapping a photograph, it’s a display of solidarity, it’s become popular, but it is not effective.

'Power concedes nothing without a demand.' I’ve wondered whether these enduring words of Fredrick Douglass apply to Black power. I’ve wondered whether these words apply to the power of black life, to the power of black expenditure, or to black political power.

-Daniel O. Martins, "The Demand of Black Power" (via sonofbaldwin)
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@viktoryatrains: Post workout with @smtofficial 💖 foreverrrr 😍 I actually feel so good, I might workout again later! #wewillsee #sundaze #viktoryatrains #smtofficial #babesdrinktea
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@prescilladeschenes: My babies 👶
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Man Says He Was Detained For 6 Hours Because Police Wouldn’t Watch The Video Proving Him Innocent


"You fit the description" is a common lie police officers use to coerce you into being illegally searched, detained, or arrested. This, along with "You made furtive/suspicious/sudden movements!" "You reached for my weapon!" "You had a weapon on your person!" and others, are common fabrications cops use to justify their illegal, murderous, rapist behavior.

(Source: think-progress)

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